Instructional Unit Planning Template

for Standards Integration Planning:

Page 1-2 & Page 3-4 & Pages 1-4 & Page 1-4pdf

(my planning format for integrating

 academic, arts, and character standards,

and developing objectives)


Instructional Unit Template

(This is another you might find useful.)


Four-Model Comparison Table:

Ann Brown's Fostering Communities of Learning,

Leonard Bernstein Center's ŠArtful Learning,

Vessels' Character & Community Development,

& Developmental Studies Center's

Child Development. Project

(Dimensions: basic description, teacher role,

classroom setup, & collaboration methods


Instructional Unit Model (not finished)

Integration of academic, arts, character

standards; built around unifying concept

and significant question, and the

instructional lesson sequence:

experience, inquire, create, reflect


Anna Brown's FCL & RT Models


Search Institute's Developmental Assets 12-18, 9-12, 5-9, 3-5